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Welcome to Lim’s Research Lab at HYU

The goal of our laboratory is to design functional nano/micro-sized energy materials for advanced energy storage and conversion applications. Specifically, our research activities are currently focused on developing 'Next-generation Batteries‘, targeting applications in large-scale devices such as electrical vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems (ESSs). By rationally designing and characterizing various electrode materials, we aim to deeply research on the future battery systems such as high-energy Li-air battery, safe all-solid-state battery, and low-cost Multivalent ion battery. We believe that the development of efficient energy storage material is a key technological challenge of the 21st century, which will ultimately guide to achieve the carbon-neutral energy cycle.

Advanced Energy Materials and Systems for Next-generation Batteries
연구 소개 이미지
ORR/OER catalyst
Solid/Liquid catalyst
2Energy Storage Materials
Electrode design, composite electrode
In-situ electrochemical analysis
3Next-generation Batteries
High-energy, High-safety & Low-cost batteries
Post Li-ion battery systems
Research Topics
  • Electrochemical analysis and 1Electrocatalyst for energy materials
  • High performance energy storage with 2Energy Storage Materials & designs
  • Designing and characterizing functional materials for 3Next-generation Battery Systems